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Our hands are one of the most important parts of our body.  Their complex anatomy, extensive functional capability, and practical applications are extremely important to everyday life.

Dr. Bulent Yaprak is highly skilled in this area and has spent a number of years in extensive research and implementing new approaches to help his patinets achieve optimum functionality.  He is extensive experience and completed substantial microsurgery training in order to provide you with the high-quality surgical care you need.

Learn how we can assist you with your hand troubles and concerns, as well as how our surgical procedures and treatments may benefit you over time.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Most of us use our hands practically constantly throughout the day without even realizing it. If you notice or experience any discomfort, numbness, and tingling in your fingers that draws your attention, you may have a condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome. Wrist braces and corticosteroids may assist, but in more severe situations, surgery may be required to completely treat the condition.

In short, the pressure on your median nerve causes carpal tunnel syndrome. This provides you sensation in your thumb and all of your fingers. The nerve travels via the carpal tunnel, a thin passage formed of bone and ligament that runs through your wrist. If your wrist swells, that tunnel becomes compressed, pinching your median nerve. As a result, your symptoms appear and cause you discomfort. With the help of our carpal tunnel treatments and procedures, you may anticipate to feel less discomfort while also preventing further damage.

Dupuytren's Surgery

Dupuytren’s contracture also known as Dupuytren’s disease is a thickening of the skin at the base of your fingers in the palm of your hand. This enlarged region might harden into a lump or thick band. One or more fingers may contract or draw sideways or in toward your palm over time.

If you are suffering from this disease, our team of skilled medical specialists can provide you with surgical treatment that will effectively treat and prevent this condition from worsening. For severe instances, surgery is the most usual therapy for optimal results and may help your fingers move more freely.

Tendon Repairs, Reconstruction And Transfers

Surgical tendon repair is the treatment of choice for tendon tears or other types of tendon injury. The connective tissue between muscles and bone is made up of tendons, like fibrous bands. When a muscle contracts, the tendon attaching to that muscle pulls on the bone, which in turn causes the joint to move.

When a tendon injury develops, there is a possibility that mobility may be severely restricted. The damaged area could make you feel weak or give you discomfort.

People who have tendon injuries that are making it difficult for them to move a joint or that are highly painful may find that tendon repair surgery is beneficial to them. To learn more about our specialized tendon repair techniques and methods, please visit our website…

Trigger Finger Surgery

When you bend and straighten your finger, trigger finger produces discomfort, stiffness, and a sense of locking or catching. “Stenosing tenosynovitis” is another name for the ailment. Trigger finger most often affects the ring finger and thumb, however it may also affect other fingers.

If you’ve been experiencing this condition, you’re probably familiar with the feeling of having a finger or thumb caught in a curled position. It may cause pain and discomfort whether you use your hand or not.

The goal of trigger finger surgery is to give your flexor tendon more room to move. The flexor tendon in your fingers is a muscle-activated tendon that pulls on the finger bones. This enables you to bend and flex your finger normally. The finger may flex and straighten without discomfort after surgery which makes it a popular option for our patients. Visit our services to see if we can assist with your trigger finger…

Fracture Repairs

When you have a bone break also known as a fracture, it’s critical that the bone heals in its original location and position.

A fractured bone may be treated in a variety of ways, and Dr. Bulent Yaprak’s recommendation is dependent on a number of criteria. These factors include the severity of the break and its location.

While some bones may mend with only a cast, others may need more complicated procedures like bone fracture repair.

Bone fracture repair is a procedure that involves securing a shattered bone using metal screws, pins, rods, or plates. You may expect to restore mobility and reduce discomfort in the future with the help of our fracture repairs; however, there are other factors to consider, thus click below to learn more.

Your Surgical Experience At Our Clinic

In addition to providing excellent customer service, our medical facility strives to give each patient with the most advanced medical care and procedures available so that they may make a speedy and full recovery.

During your appointment, Dr. Bulent Yaprak will inquire about the particular concerns you are experiencing with your hand. This will allow him to correctly identify the problem, which in turn will allow him to devise an effective surgical treatment strategy. In addition, Dr. Yaprak will take the time to address any concerns that you may have about the treatment, including questions about what to anticipate throughout your recovery and other topics.

Problems with the hand and wrist come in a wide variety of forms, and there are many more ways to address each of those conditions. Dr. Yaprak would be happy to talk to you about your concerns and goals regarding the appearance and function of your hands, and he would also be happy to assist you in determining whether or not a particular kind of hand surgery or treatment would be a good choice to improve your hand function as well as your overall health and well-being. In order to book a consultation with Dr. Yaprak for your hand surgery in Hamilton Central, please get in touch with our office by filing our Contact Form or calling us today: 07 838 8984. 

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