Find out more: A Guide for more Information for Dr Yaprak's Patients Regarding Otoplasty Surgery...

Prior to Surgery Your Guide:

What to expect from otoplasty

Prior to your surgery, you would have had at least two consultations with Mr Yaprak.  If you have any questions at all working up to your procedure, please feel free to contact the rooms, and we would be happy to book you further pre-op consultations to ensure you are well informed, and to answer any questions you may have about your upcoming procedure. 

You will be given a date for your procedure.  Your procedure will take place in either Braemar Hospital (for patients having general anaesthetic surgery) or at our rooms 83c Tristram Street, in Hamilton.  

Please note: If you are having General Anaesthtic Surgery, prior to your procedure you will be asked to fill out two pre-op forms online.  One is for Braemar Hospital, and one is for the anaesthetist.  You will meet the anaesthetist on the morning of surgery, but if you would like to talk to him to discuss your anaesthetic prior to your surgery day, he is happy to call you and answer any questions you may have.

Pre-op considerations:

In the weeks working up to your surgery, it is important to look after your health to minimise the risk of illness prior to surgery.  If you do become unwell working up to your surgery date, please notify Mr Yapraks rooms as soon as you can.

Please purchase a sports head sweat band that fits you well. These can be purchased from sports shops, the warehouse, K-Mart etc. This should be firm fitting but not too tight.  You will wear this when we remove the bandage dressing 3 days post operatively.  We recommended that you wear this band for at least 2 weeks post operatively, and for longer at night while sleeping also.

If you do not have extra pillows, we recommended you get 2 extra pillows for 1 week post op.  This will help keep the swelling to a minimum after your surgery, which assists in healing and comfort.


The day before surgery:

*Remove all jewellery and nail polish on your fingernails

*Shower and wash your hair.  You will need to keep your head dry for 3 days post op.

*Ensure you have someone organised to drop you at Braemar hospital on the day of surgery, and someone to pick you up on discharge the same day. 

*If you have not confirmed your admission details and starving instructions, please contact Mr Yapraks rooms on 07) 838 8984

The day of Surgery IF you are having GENERAL ANESTHETIC ONLY:

On admission to Braemar, you will see a pre-op nurse.  You will also see the anaesthetist that will carry out your anaesthetic.  Following this, Mr Yaprak will carry out the final written consent process, and take pre-op photos if he has not done so in your consultation.

You will not be able to eat for 6 hours before your admission time.  Please let us know if you have diabetes or any other dietary considerations that may be affected by this.  You will, however, be able to drink water only up until 2 hours before your admission time to hospital.  These details will be given to you 1 week before your operation date.

What to expect post-operatively:

It is very important to keep your head elevated for the week following surgery. Please do not book any activities that involve putting your head down or laying completely flat.  You will need to sleep with your elevated with 1-2 extra pillows.

You will have a suture line in the crease behind your ears.  For pressure post operatively, you will have a head bandage on after surgery.  This is to remain in place for 3 days, and you will need to keep your head dry for this period.  You will have an appointment booked in Mr Yapraks clinic to have these dressings removed on the Friday following your surgery.  After this appointment, you will be able to get your hair wet, and let the shower water rinse over your ears. Please either use a hair dryer to gently dry behind your ears (avoid pulling them forward), or simply let them air dry.  It is very important not to wash in behind your ears with a flannel or pull your ears forward to look at the sutures behind your ears. 

You will have another appointment booked for 6-7 days post op for a wound review.  Your stitches are all dissolvable, so there will be no suture removal required. Your next appointment will be 6-8 weeks post operatively, but please call us if required in the mectations of what to expect following your surgery, and your recovery may vary slightly from timeframes that have been mentioned.  The most important thing for us, is that you keep in touch with us, remembering that we are here to support you through your recovery anytime.

You will be given a prescription for pain relief and antibiotics.  Regular analgesia is recommended in the first 3 days, and then take it as needed.

We acknowledge that this is a lot of information, so please remember that this is just an indicator of typical expectations following your surgery, and your recovery may vary slightly from timeframes that have been mentioned.  The most important thing for us, is that you keep in touch with us, remembering that we are here to support you through your recovery.

We look forward to carrying out your procedure for you.

Kind regards

Mr Bulent Yaprak and team. 😊