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What to Expect following surgery for Blepharoplasty

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Blepharoplasty what to expect surgery pre and post operative


Pain Relief and Medication
We recommend that you have Paracetamol available at home to take post operatively. Your local anaesthetic will last for about 4 hours, so if you are travelling a distance back home, please bring some with you on the day of surgery.
You may be given a prescription for antibiotics. Please take these as instructed.


Please wet 3-4 flannels and place in a snap lock bag, and put in your fridge at home. These flannels can be used for gentle application to the eyelids post-op. This is very soothing and assists in minimising post op bleeding/oozing and bruising. This is particullly helpful when applied on and off in the first 3-4 days. DO NOT USE ICE PACKS

Your upper/lower eyelid stitches will be left open and you will be given eye antibiotic ointment to apply to your eyelid suture line 3-4 times a day for the first week.

This eye ointment is to be put into both eyes at night for the first week also. This is because some post operative swelling can sometimes prevent the eye from shutting completely at night, and this ointment in the eye provides the eye with lubrication and antibiotic cover.

Not everyone will experience this level of swelling, but it is still important to do this. The eye ointment can cause blurry vision, but if you experience blurry vision that is not related to the ointment, please contact us on the on call number if it is out of business hours.

You may have some skin coloured tapes over some of the stitches on the outer edges beside the eye or eyebrow. If you do have these tapes, these are to remain in place until your stitches are removed. You will be given a roll of tape to replace these as required at home.

You may give the suture lines a gentle rinse in the shower from 24 hours post operatively. It is important to give them a gentle rinse under water (no rubbing with the flannel and no cleansers), and then pat dry. Please do not rub your eyes with a flannel or towel.

Elevation is VERY important post operatively to help keep your post op swelling to a minimum. You will need to keep your head up as much as possible for the first week after surgery.

Extra pillows may be helpful for the first week or two while sleeping. Please ensure you have no planned activities that involve bending forward or putting your head down for 1 week post operatively. This activity can increase your swelling and bruising.

It is normal to have bruising post op, and the amount varies from one person to the next but do expect some bruising post operatively. We expect that most of the swelling and bruising would be settled by 2 weeks. Some swelling will still remain for a bit longer than 2 weeks, but should be mostly settled.

We recommend that you avoid hot drinks and hot food on the day of surgery. Also avoid any strenuous exercise in the first week post op.

These two things will also help reduce any further bruising and swelling.
Following most procedures, it is normal for the suture lines to weep/ooze. We will supply you with gauze pads to apply gentle pressure to the suture lines if oozing or weeping occurs.

We will make an appointment for you to come back to clinic to have your stitches removed between 5-7 days post operatively. You will then have another follow up appointment at about 3 months post operatively.

We invite you to call us if you have any questions before then, or if you would like to be seen sooner than this. We are here to support you through your recovery.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contract us.

We look forward to carrying out your procedure for you.